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About Us

We are a well-trained team of entrepreneurs in various fields in tourism oriented, inspired and decided to protect the environment developing a responsible and sustainable work for global benefit, each of us is assigned a particular task, health and education programs for children, practical advises by helping to the locals in order to get better households, love and care to the agonizing rain forest more than anything else.


Amazon Lodge

Amazon Lodge & Safaris, better-known as just Amazon Lodge is the only one located in the heart of an immense primary low- land Rainforest on the YANAYACU river just off the main Amazon, nearly 60 miles downriver from Iquitos by fast boat. The multipart lodge consist of a large living room, a well-stocked bar with exotic drinks and a comfortable Dinning area where you can taste the delicious local organic gastronomy prepared by our chef based on hearts of palm, fresh river fish, fried manioc, plenty of tropical fruits, tea or coffee at all hours.

It is built entirely of local materials, constructions which harmonize with nature and the nearby cultures, and it can provide accommodation up to 50 guests in 25 twin-bedded safe and comfortable private bungalows with indoor baths/showers, fully screened and all connected by roofed walkways. An open air hammock house for leisure hours for those who just wants to relax adds to the compound.
NO ELECTRICITY or noises which could scare off local wildlife and birds nesting close to the lodge, but plenty of kerosene lamps for lighting at night.



Our efforts for sustainable preservation of the tropical rain forest started several years ago. Today this area is considered as the last reduction of wildlife near Iquitos, a universe of unique flora and fauna, every specimen live free and safe as they should because here is their kingdom: Birds, Plants, Trees, Monkeys, Reptiles, Bromeliads, Orchids and many other species.